Falerina reactivates its Belar Sounds summer cycle.

In September, on the 3rd, they will be at Memphis, which just a year ago released their first album, Money Gods

Hell Burns Again With Local 'Future Idols'

The Gasteiz bands Memphis, Soilik, Paraside and Intxixv join this Saturday in Hell Dorado in a special festival that will have free admission

The eleven commandments of Memphis

Simple Game, The Preacher, Liberty Train or The Secret Of The Living are some of the eleven songs that give shape and background to an album in which the themes work independently but respond to a general idea. .


Memphis will release Money Gods, their first album, on May 21

Memphis, a rock band from Vitoria-Gasteiz, make their debut on May 21 with Money Gods. We tell you all the details. The group was formed in 2016. Mikel (guitar and voice) and Javi (guitar, voice and harmonica) began to shape the first songs as a duo.

 In 2019, Kinko (bass and backing vocals) and Eneko (drums and backing vocals) joined soon after. Little by little they managed to forge the different themes that have entered Money Gods. In the extended news you have two themes to take the pulse of the group's music

Memphis, a rock band from Vitoria-Gasteiz, debuted on May 21 with Money Gods. We tell you all the details.

Memphis: Classic rock with a lot of future ahead

Javi and Mikel created Memphis in 2016. Their base is the most classic Rock, but they do not hesitate to move to other musical genres such as Folk, Country or even Punk. Their influences come from the American Country-Rock. Young Javi and Mikel, who have known each other from a very young age, began to record their first creations on cassette tapes. In the beginning they had to settle for having an acoustic duo: "Having an electric requires you to have an amp, a place to play and to be able to plug it in ... Then we had the mythical Spanish guitar and a cajon." Later they formed a group that In the beginning it was in acoustic format: “We were looking for what the project was going to be in terms of style, we wrote, we tried things and that is why it was acoustic until November 2019, which is when drummer Eneko and bassist Kinko entered the project. ".

The quartet won the "Gazte Talent Saria" award in the competition for new bands and soloists

Melophilia and Memphis, winners of the Gazte Talent contest

The young bands take over as the most promising formations in the contest held in the Jimmy Jazz room

Memphis,a classic rock quartet whose members do not exceed 24 years and winners of the Gazte Talent award.